29 July 2015

Guest Post - My Filofax Journey - Joanny White

Thank you to Joanny for this guest post. 

Hello lovely people,

My name is Joanny, I blog over at and today, I will be sharing with you my Filofax story.

Over a year ago, I had no idea what a Filofax was. I have always silently loved planners and stationery but I didn't think there were any others out there who understood this obsession of mine. I have always used planners in school and my college planner was one of my most valued possessions. 

I soon stumbled across a thread on a student forum called "The stationery and organisation thread" where I found like minded people like me who loved stationery too. That day, it felt like I had found my long lost family. 

Then a few weeks later, I noticed people talking about their Filofaxes and I had absolutely no idea what they were on about. One girl was in a dilemma as she got nail varnish on her Metropol and was asking for advice on how to get rid of it. Then I finally mustered up the courage to ask what a Filofax was and not only did they explain to me what this beautiful thing was, they also directed me to another thread called the "Filofax Appreciation Thread" and that's how everything started.

On this thread, I was able to see photos of other people's Filofaxes and one of the ones that spoke to me was a photo of decorated week on two pages in a Personal Classic. My mind could not fathom all the prettiness I was looking at. The coloured pens, sticky notes, stickers and washi tape? What on earth was washi tape? I didn't know what this was but I needed to get it somehow. From this thread, I started reading blog posts  about Filofax set ups and a quick search for "Filofax" on YouTube was the icing on the cake. I watched one video after the other and that was when I realised there were different types of Filofaxes too? How was I supposed to make a choice now?

In one day, I discovered all the different types I could possibly find but I really loved the Saffiano so after watching loads of Saffiano unboxings and set up videos, I got loads of ideas and made a plan of how my set up would be and then I finally got my first Filofax in June 2014 from Ryman. A personal Saffiano in aqua with a free pen.

My set up has changed twice since I bought it but it is still working for me now.

You can read about my very first set up here and my current set up here.

A few months into my Filofax journey, I started thinking about getting another one but the truth is I'm not a multiple Filofax girl. I can only use one at a time for now. But I stumbled across a mini Metropol for sale in Ryman and I didn't think twice before picking it up.
I now use it as my wallet.

You can read about my set up here.

So it's been over a year now and never ever have I regretted that decision. I find that writing things down helps me remember and I love the idea of having all my lists, planner, tasks, appointments all together in one book. Having a Filofax has also brought out the creativity in me. A part of me I never knew I had. I was also pleased to discover a whole community out here made of planner enthusiasts. It's amazing to connect with like minded people.

I am still enjoying using my two Filos but I will be off to uni soon and I am search of the perfect compact Filo because I think a pocket size would be too small for me and a personal size just a bit big. In other words, my Filofax journey still continues.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my Filofax journey.

Thank you Joanny, if you have a similar guest post you would like to share with our readers, please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com

27 July 2015

Thinking about pages sizes - by Anita

Since getting my first Filofax in 2009, I have been pretty faithful to using the personal size. I had a brief trial of using A5 as my sole binder, but whilst I love the page size I found that the binder itself was just too large to carry around. Personal is the best fit for me in terms of page size and portability. However, I do feel that whilst its narrow insert width is perfect for making lists, it's never felt quite right for me for writing more extensive notes or for planning projects. 

Up until recently I have been using two binders together - a personal as my main extended brain, with an A5 for planning. Whilst on paper (bad pun, sorry) this sounds perfect, I have finally admitted that using two binders at once isn't for me. I originally purchased a Filofax as I was using multiple notebooks and wanted to have everything in one place. Sorry Mr Hamilton, but you will be finding a new home soon!

During a conversation on Facebook, it occurred to me that the A6 paper size might be perfect as somehow the wider but shorter dimensions seem better for writing notes, and look more 'right' as it's a quarter of the A4 size (which folk in the UK are more used to).   

L to R: personal, A6 and pocket
Whilst I still love my oxblood Winchester, I admit at this point I started looking at custom Van der Speks in the Senior size. However, I feel very fortunate due to the following train of events:
  • I was given a vintage Mulberry Agenda by a relative's neighbour, but she didn't want anything for it as it wasn't in the best condition
  • At the time, I couldn't imagine changing planner size so gave it to the lovely Jane
  • She found that it was too small for her and was considering asking if I wanted it back
  • She read my post on Facebook, and after a holiday in the US it is back home with me
  • I remembered that my KW-Trio hole punch also does Agenda size. 
I will be writing some follow up posts about the Mulberry, my set up and how I find being back in just the one binder.

26 July 2015

A Date For Your Diary - Sunday 2nd August 2015

We are going to run another conference round-table voice chat using Skype. And the 'morning' session returns so our friends in the Far East and Asia can join in again.

I'm sure we are gradually getting to know each other's voices, but I will make a point of going 'around the table' to get everyone to introduce themselves this time.

So...When, Where, What, Who and How?

When? - Sunday 2 August from 10am London time, 11am Paris time, 7pm Brisbane time.

Additionally I will be on line at 9am San Francisco 11am Chicago, 12noon New York, 5pm London time, 6pm Paris time etc.  See the World Clock to make sure you have the right time.

The timing of these two sessions have been chosen to hopefully allow as many people to join in compared to previous round-tables. The timing of future ones will be varied to suit everyone if need be.

Where? - an on-line chat using Skype. with voice and video (if you wish)

What do I need? - just a micro-phone and some head phones(in ear phones work fine) and a free Skype account. Using headphones or earphone reduces 'echo' on the call.

Who - All of you... connect up with Philofaxy and we will attempt to get as many of us linked in to the audio conference as possible. Come and listen if you don't want to chat.  What do we talk about? Filofax stuff... but anything else as well. It's like long lost friends meeting up for coffee and a catch up.. but don't worry if you have never joined in before... you are an old friend too!

If you have any questions you want to ask then please let us know in the group or before we start.

How -
  1. Connect to Philofaxy by firstly searching for Philofaxy in Skype, I will then add you as a contact.
  2. Then  'Send Contact Request',  I will then add you in to the chat room. 
  3. Then if you request it, I can add you to the audio conference as well. But if you just want to chat via keyboard that's fine. That way it's slightly less hectic for me! 
Come and join in the fun, even if you only pop in to say hello... but don't be afraid to join in the discussion.

As with previous round-tables there will also be a parallel text chat room going at the same time as the voice conference, so you can listen to the voice chat and type if you wish.

If you need any assistance setting up Skype, please pop a comment in this post and I will try and help you get one line. Skype is free for computer to computer calls....

Here is my post on how to improve your Skype audio with headphones or a headset.

Hope to be chatting with you on Sunday 2 August 2015.

25 July 2015

Web Finds - 25 July 2015

So I hope you have had a good week.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet, so grab a drink and make yourself for our weekly round-up.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
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  • We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. Do not forget to give your posts a title... 
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We are on the look out for more people to take part in Reader Under the Spotlight. If you would like to appear in this feature then please contact Steve : philofaxy at gmail dot com  Thank you.

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24 July 2015

Free for All Friday No. 349

Recently I found a vintage made-in-the-UK Clouded Cream A-Z index pack in my Filofax inventory. I almost hated to open the packet and use this collector's item, but in the end I'm a user, not a collector. To my mind, there's no point in having something if you can't use it. I needed an A-Z index, and the Clouded Cream color was in harmony with the organizer I intended to use it in.

Do you have any inserts (or organizers) that you can't bear to use? Or do you use them anyway?

23 July 2015

Experienced User - Sarah

Sarah Newton, Atlanta, GA. Born in England. Lover of all things Filofax and addicted to planning, planners, and all things related!

1. When did you start using an organiser? 

In Jr High, back then it was more like a time capsule and a place to doodle what I did and who I hung out with. I was already decorating back then and saved these organizers until long in to my 20's. I used stickers and color codes, doodled with markers, had friends write notes on empty days, and occasionally stuck a school assignment in for good measure! As I passed in to my 30's I just recently recycled my planners from my 20's. They are so fun to look back and see how life was at a different time in my past.

2. How has your use of an organiser changed over the years? 

My handwriting has gotten neater or messier depending on the time. I am better at decorating because there are so many outlets and accessories to decorate with compared to when I started planning. Over the years, my planners have involved more detailed plans involving chores, college, work, appointments, and vacations.

I am still prone to incorporating a "scrapbooking" aspect to them though and love to incorporate pictures and write the who, what, where, when as a way to document my life at that time when I see open spaces in my planner.

3. Which diary format works best for you and why? 

A week on one page works best for my personal planner and a day on one page for my work planner. I have two Filofaxes that I carry with me always. A personal size as my everything planner and an A5 for work.

4. What other information do you keep and maintain in your organiser? 

My personal planner includes all appointments, work, pay dates, vacations, social events, bills, track my purchases, medical information, etc and whenever I find opening a "diary" sort of aspect that can include pictures from that time, quotes, doodles, etc. In my A5 planner, I have my daily to do lists which I try to block plan, reference information for my job, note pages for messages, contact information, and of course space to doodle and space out. I also keep an Alice in Wonderland picture in a top opening pocket to remind myself that not everything in life is to be taken so seriously.

5. Do you use a 'system' of organisation, and how does it work in your Filofax? 

First, I have a section for Notes. I keep a piece of paper in here with little notes from friends that I called a "Grafitti Page" that I love. I also keep journaling ideas, blog ideas, and notes to be filed elsewhere. Next is my calendar section where I keep my monthly overview schedule. I am currently using the monthly inserts from the color crush as they are sturdy and come with monthly tabs and a month on two pages. This is followed by my diary section which is my weekly scheduling with more detail. I am using the kikki k week on 2 pages currently that I decorate with washi tape and  minimal decoration in comparison to when I started! *Decoration overload!* My Lists section starts with an A-Z index and things such as passwords (in code), purchase, health info, football schedules for my favorite teams, grocery lists, purchase trackers, and bill pay tracker. Then I have a To Do section with a variety of blank to do pages. My last sections is titled "Bonkers" as my Filofax is Alice in Wonderland themed :) and I keep extra paper, post its, page flags, odds and ends, and a card holder with my business cards and health and car insurance cards.
I don't think I will ever find "planner peace" because I enjoy changing it up too much. :)

6. What routines and structures do you use? 

I try to use a bullet journal style in my planner to check off completed tasks. There is nothing more satisfying than checking off something from a to do list.

7. Do you use one binder or several, and if several, how do you use them? 

Overall, I own approximately 14 planners. I have two Domino A5's (one pink and one black), a Saffiano personal in Raspberry, a Saffiano A5 in aquamarine, a Domino personal size in black, a Domino personal size in purple, a Finsberry personal size in pink, a grey Filofax Flex, a gold Lovedoki, two Color Crush planners (white and gold), The Happiness Planner, a Get to Workbook, and the Passion Planner. *Phew*

I use one of my personal Filofaxes as my everyday planner switching it around every month or so. This is my go to everything planner that I carry everywhere. I use my A5 Saffiano for my fulltime job and a personal size Saffiano for my parttime job. I use one of my personal size Filofaxes for my Blog. The Happiness Planner is more for journaling and a gratitude type planner. The others come and go in my life depending on my spare time. I love writing and rewriting my planners out so I am constantly reorganizing and redecorating, especially when given any length of time on Pinterest to spark my creativity.

Thank you Sarah, I've had an excellent response from people wanting to take part in this series. I look forward to receiving responses back from people.

If you would like to take part in this series please email and mark your email 'Experienced Filofax User'

22 July 2015

Philofaxy Meet Up - Toronto - July 2015

Well today was our sixth and final meet up of our grand tour of North America. Ever since the early stages of Alison and I talking about and planning this grand tour/holiday (was it a holiday too!!??) Alan Marshall and Susan Stanway were both keen that we should have a meet up in Toronto.

So we built in a stop over in Toronto for this weekend at the start of our short stay in three Canadian cities (Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal) before we travel back to Paris and then home next weekend.

We were warned about the Pan Am games, but in fact being here during them has had its advantages, an improved rail link from the airport is now operational and made our journey in to the city with cases a lot easier. There seems to be a lot going on in and around the city.

So we started off our meet up at Laywines in Toronto, this is the shop the Toronto Philofaxy readers have met at before. Peter Laywine made us all very welcome and it was great to meet him as well as the everyone else.

We had the use of a large round table towards the front of the shop and we used it to show each other the organisers we had brought with us and the ones we were using on a regular basis. Alan had brought quite a few with him and he lined them up on a shelf for us to all take a look.

Peter gave us a very very generous discount on some of his old Filofax stock. I got a Belgravia Palm PDA holder/notebook!!

This meet up was slightly different in some ways to the ones I had been to during our tour. Nan and her husband Ben flew from Boston to attend the meet up, Nan had been to the New York one as well, but she also wanted to meet Alan as well.  And Michele who lives near New York, she couldn't make the New York meet up because of other commitments, so she had been to the Washington meet up, but she also flew to Toronto to enjoy another meet up with us.

Alan proudly showing off his 'vintage' Kate Spade

Susan and Steve playing to the camera!

Van der Spek leather samples were as popular as ever

Filofax A5 Sienna for C$10?

Other items to tempt people.

Steve and Peter talk business

After a couple of hours of chatting we were starting to get hungry and thirsty! So we moved on to the Italian restaurant that was directly next door to Laywine's

We continued our discussions during the meal until it was time for us to all go our separate ways, where had the time disappeared.

As with all the previous meet ups Alison and I would like to thank everyone that came along to meet us, and to every one that helped make the meet ups such a success. It had been quite a grand task planning and co-ordinating the whole tour and fitting in meet ups in to the schedule but from my point of view we achieved what we set out to do.

I hope now that people get to meet up more often and new people to the community join in at these events.

When or will we be back? We don't know is the honest answer, but the tour has left some long lasting memories with us and a huge number of photographs to look back on and remember where and when etc.

I would also like to thank everyone who have supported the blog in the last 7 weeks with guest posts and various contributions to help me keep things running whilst travelling, I had this vision that things would grind to a halt whilst I was away!

Again thank you everyone.

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