08 February 2016

Krause Rings

Krause rings are considered to be the best available. I use them in all my 'expensive' organisers.

When they haven't come fitted with Krause rings I've fitted them myself. It is a relatively easy job to do. With the right tools and the skills it only takes a few minutes to swap out the old rings and install the new ones.

I did this video a while ago which shows the essential things you need to know about changing rings.

Until recently obtaining Krause rings wasn't a simple task... all that has changed though. Van der Spek have now made the Krause rings available to order on their web shop. 

All Van der Spek organisers come fitted with Krause rings including their excellent 'Touch Me' range. 

You will find Krause rings in the Accessories section of the Van der Spek website here

Petra has supplied this useful photo of the rear side of each mechanism so you can compare them to the ones you already have to make sure they will fit your organiser. 

Points worth noting as follows:
  • The 'Mini' rings are not the same ring spacing as a Filofax Mini. 
  • Junior is the same as Filofax Pocket (same spacing as well).
  • Senior is the same as Mulberry Agenda and used for A6 organisers.
  • Standard is the same as Filofax Personal and Gillio Medium
  • A5 is the same as Filofax/Gillio A5, but note the three mounting points with the latch in the middle. 
Gold rings are available at extra cost because they are gold plated to order or they get them done in small batches. 

Thank you to Petra Van der Spek for the photographs and for making the rings available on their web site. For details of the full range of Van der Spek products see their site.

07 February 2016

Readers Favourite Organiser - Rianne

Thank you to Rianne for sharing with us her favourite organiser. 

1. What is your favourite organiser (Make/model/size)?

My favorite planner is my beautifully red planner. It's a A5 size from Lugano. It's my external brain.

Sadly I do not know more about it. The store I bought it didn't have more information, only a few different sizes and colours they had for a few years. I know my planner had been in the shop for at least more than a year, because the agenda inserts were taken out. More information would be welcome.

2. How long have you owned it?

I have had this planner since August 2014.

3. What is it that you like about it so much?

The color and the flexibility that the ring system gives me. The colour because it's really my color, I own a lot in this color. The rings help me to change my inserts and lay-out when needed. And since I bought the planner, that happens a lot! At this moment I have MO2P, DO1P, weekly checklists and GTD systempages. (inbox, next actions by context, meeting agenda and projects.)

4. Do you use it all the time? 

I have used it most of the time. The most recent time it wasn't my main planner and my external mind was when I tried out a bullet journal in a bound notebook. I still use part of that system, but now in the rings. But beside the time that I tried a different system, I use it every day for almost everything.

5. Do you think the design could be improved in any way? How? 

The design could be improved by adding some more card slots in the front (now there are 3) and in the back a top loading pocket instead of the one with the opening on the side, so I can put in a notepad. Maybe bigger rings, but that will end in more paper even more weight to carry around....

And here are some photographs of my favourite organiser

Thank you Rianne

If you would like to share with us the details of your favourite organiser, please contact steve @ philofaxy dot com 

06 February 2016

Web Finds - 6 February 2016

So I hope you have had a good week.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts from around the internet, so grab a drink and make yourself for our weekly round-up.

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05 February 2016

Free for All Friday No. 377 by Nan

So, how are those New Year's Resolutions holding up?

Specifically, how is your new 2016 setup working? Are you still using it?

For me, my work A5 is working perfectly for me. My personal Personal would work better if I used it better, as evidenced by the fact that Steve had to remind me that it was my turn to write the FFAF.

Now that you've had a month to get comfortable with your 2016 organizer(s), are you finding that it's already time for some tweaks?

Of course, since it's Friday, all planner topics are welcome in the comments as well.
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