24 August 2016

Guest Post - A Good, But Not Perfect, Fix for Missing Poppers - Alan

For those of you that like buying some of the older Filofax organisers off Ebay and other sales sites the occasional 'missing popper' will be familiar to you all. 

Thank you to Alan for this excellent guide on how to fix them. 

I have posted about this before in various of the Facebook groups, but Facebook is not a great platform for archiving articles that could be a useful reference some time down the road.  So at the risk of being repetitive, here is how I deal with missing popper caps.

While taking pictures for another guest post about my collection of Deskfax Filofax, I noticed that the popper cap was missing from the Deskfax that stays open on my desk.

Naturally, I decided to fix it. My “fix” – or “Filofix”, as KentfromOz would say – is to use the head off of a brass fastener. These are getting harder to find these days, and I had to special order them. Since I only expected to use the caps, I ordered the smallest length, one inch, as the price goes up dramatically with longer pins.

The heads come off the fasteners fairly easily. I find that spreading the two pins, as shown below, and then pinching together near the head allows the brass head to slip off easily.

These heads are the perfect size to fit over the remaining part of the popper hardware, provided that it hasn’t become too damaged.  In my experience, most of the time they stay on well, but occasionally, I have had the odd popper head slip off. I imagine that a dab from a hot glue gun would make the fix more permanent, but I have never done this, as it is my intention to try painting the brass heads in their correct colour.

Here is a picture of some of my vintage personal size Filofaxes that I have fixed.

Earlier, I mentioned that I had bought the shortest size of these brass fasteners.  One day, I wanted to use a couple of personal Filofax that I had been using for an earlier course, and instead of finding an unused binder for the old contents, I pulled out the brass fasteners.

As you can see from the picture, the one inch fastener barely makes it through the thickness of the contents of a personal. A longer fastener would have been more useful!

Thank you Alan. 

23 August 2016

Web Finds - 23 August 2016

div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
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  • For tips on how to improve your videos, please see this post.  Also this video too Webfinds 
  • Your Filofax/Organiser Videos could appear in this list, just contact philofaxy at gmail dot com to be added to our monitoring list. 
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Free For All Tuesday No. 290

22 August 2016

Rapesco 6 hole organiser punch

Rapesco are about to release a redesigned 6 hole organiser punch and they kindly sent me a few samples to test out and evaluate.

The new Rapesco 6 hole punch in White, Candy Pink and Black 

The new model comes in five colours: Black, White, Silver, Powder Blue, Candy Pink.

Whilst the basic mechanics of the punch are similar to the old model there are several improvements over the old design. Just to remind you here are the two side by side.

The new model is much easier to set up as is has very clear size indicators on the sliding punch blocks.

There is now a slide out paper guide with stops for Personal, Timer 21 and A5 sizes. The old model didn't have this at all.

Paper Guides at A5, Timer21 and Personal settings

The upper lever is now made from metal as opposed to the older model plastic one. It also features a lock so you can press the lever down and lock it in the closed position to save space in your stationery cave! To unlock it you just press it down a little and slide the lock to the unlocked position.

Un-locked on the left and locked down on the right

The removable cover on the underneath side of the punch has also been redesigned. There is an easy to open flap, so you don't have to turn the punch over to empty it and this reduces the risk of the paper chads going everywhere! You can still remove it completely as well as before for periodic cleaning and maintenance of the punch. You can see the paper guide in more detail too.

The white rectangle on the left hand side is a small window, this has been provide so that you can put your name on a piece of card to personalise the punch.

The new punch is capable of punching the following sizes:
  • A5 (by double punching, but with the aid of the paper guide it is now much easier to do)
  • Agenda and A6 organisers
  • Planner and Timer 21 organisers 
  • Pocket and Timer 14 organisers
  • Personal, Compact, Slimline and Timer 17 organisers
  • Mini Organisers (but not Van der Spek Mini)
This covers Filofax, Van der Spek, Gillio, Quo Vadis, Mulberry, Collins and others that use the common sizes and spacings. All are detailed on a comprehensive instruction sheet which will soon be available on the Rapesco website. 

Undocumented in the instruction sheet, with a little bit of fine tuning of the paper guide it is is also possible to punch Deskfax 9 hole pages too. Using a similar method to punching A5 except you set the punch to personal size and flip the page punching the middle three holes a second time. 

The packaging indicates that the punch can be used for up to 10 sheets of paper at once. The hole size is 5.5 mm.

Stocks of this new model will be appearing with all sellers as they replenish their stocks in the next couple of months.

You can win one of a limited number these new punches by following Rapesco on Twitter include your Twitter Username in a comment here.  Alternatively please share this post from the Philofaxy page on Facebook and like the Rapseco page on Facebook.

Thank you to Rapseco for sending me the samples of their new up dated punch.
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