16 February 2013

Web Finds - 16 February 2013

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the internet
  1. Personal Kendal Filofax Customised! - Kelsie
  2. Personal Domino - Update - Lady Elizabeth's Life
  3. Pocket Breast Cancer Filofax! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  4. Mulberry Agenda Clear Pockets – for Imy - This Bugs Life
  5. Planners / Binders - Lady Elizabeth's Life
  6. Filofax, Moleskine, Notebooks, Oh My! - Said the Cat
  7. Just a quicky! Weekly Filofax update - My Filo World
  8. Current Setup - Jagged Little Thoughts
  9. Passion or obsession? - Plan . Create . Succeed  
  10. Snow, sleet, kiln, and Filofax - Susan Sharpe Ceramics
  11. My Filofax Family! - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  12. - Jagged Little Thoughts
  13. Notching an obsession back down to a passion - Plan . Create . Succeed 
  14. Do these Filofax inserts make my butt look fat? - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  15. 11 reasons why Filofax is better than a PDA - This Bugs Life
  16. Filomaniac fragt... Sverri - Filomaniac
  17. ❤New Sets of Kokeshi Doll Page Markers❤  - Filofax Love
  18. 4 Food Journals To Help With Weight Loss and/or Healthy Eating - Homoemakers Daily 
  19. Filofax spotted in the wild - This Bugs Life
  20. The Return of the Prodigal Planner - The Taylored Life
  21. A way to a girl's heart is through her organisational system... - Filofaximile
  22. Personal Adelphi 12 EUR :o)) - Chrissie's Universe
  23. The Itch to Switch - Planner Chicks
  24. What’s in my Filofax today - This Bugs Life 
  25. My updated binder collection - Paper Lovestory
  26. {Filofax Friday} The Tour – Part 1 - This Little Life of Mine
  27. Free give away #1; Winner in the picture! - My Filo World
  28. Vintage-Serie - Teil 10: Hamilton - Filo- Manie
  29. ealing with Confidential Information in your Filofax - This Bugs Life 
  30. Free Filofax Book Launch Template - Liberty's Yarn
  31. Cassandra's Franklin Covey Monarch size weekly planner - Plannerisms
  32. Current system - detailed - Planner Chicks
  33. Fickle Friday - Friday, I'm in Love 
  34. A Filofax Mash-Up - This Bugs Life
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  1. Yay!!! This is the part of the week I've been waiting for, although I will be very happy to be interrupted by my boys when they wake up as they've been away, and went straight to bed when they got back at 11pm last night :-)

  2. Wow, I popped onto my wordpress this morning for find over 100x more views than I've ever had! Thank you so much for adding me to your list, it's much much much appreciated to be listed on the "daddy" of all Filofax blogs :)

    1. Thank you Kelsie. Nice to add you to our list


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