11 January 2017

Cycles of buying and selling - by Anita

Since purchasing my first Filofax back in 2009, I admit that I've purchased many and if I'd kept them all I'd have quite an impressive collection by now. However, as a minimalist at heart, I've never wanted to own too many, so tend to sell to fund the new one and also to keep numbers down. I can sometimes be a little bit hasty in selling, but I feel grateful for the variety that I've been able to explore with all my sales and purchases.

Whilst I've enjoyed this in the past, I guess that I've had enough and that's what my zero spend was useful for, even if I didn't ultimately stick to it... I've spent a fair amount of time wanting to own just one binder, but with more experience understand that I do enjoy more variety.

I've spent a bit of time looking back at past purchases and figured out my preferences and needs:
  • I have given up on the A5 size once and for all - my focus is so much on my main binder that I don't look at it. My A5 Leuchtturm notebook is working much better for me for when I need extra space for planning projects, or making more in-depth notes
  • Any binders need a suitable layout to be used as a wallet - I don't always combine my planner and wallet, but do so when travelling and like the option to be able to
  • I like black binders, but also need some colour - I'm using my Kensington to process some old notes and will move back into it in the spring or summer
  • I always come back to red - I mentioned in a previous post that the colour of a Filofax doesn't matter so much to me, but I now understand that it does, especially in the darker winter months
  • I like croc prints - have owned multiple Ascots, Amazonas and my Dundee
  • I'm still tempted/curious about the A6 paper size, but sold my vintage Mulberry as all my supplies are in personal size. However, I don't own as much as I thought that I did, didn't spend that much on it and I do have other paper that I could cut into A6 size. Also, paper in that size from the Stationery Emporium is much cheaper than inserts from Filofax. 
For me personally, this little journey has been about working out what I need and want, with the idea of keeping my favourites so that I won't feel the need to buy any more. It's not about depriving myself, but taking the time to find the ones that I will feel content with. If I owned a larger collection and wanted to downsize, I would spend some time using each one to identify their pros and cons and ultimately if I enjoy using them. Right now, the optimum number seems to be three for me. I may reduce that in future, but I'm resisting that temptation currently to ensure that I don't start looking around for something else... 


  1. Hello Anita. Nice post, because I think you have highlighted a problem which is a problem to many of us. My Filofax collection is only small (2 Mini, 3 Pocket (inc. 1 Mulberry), 3 Slimline), and I would never consider anything bigger. My problem is deciding which size I like the best and then really trying to stick with it, otherwise I have duplicates of all my information over all my sizes. I never do stick, however. I too love the Amazonas. I have three, but I think I would buy a pocket size in black if I could get hold of one. There is a joy in having many but I really, really wish I could stick to one size.

  2. Great post, Anita.
    I do hope you won't completely give up on the A6 size; in our Facebook group, "Using the A6 Planner, and Resources" we have lists of sources that would be helpful in building a core of inserts and other useful materials. Our membership also supports those using the spiral A6 sized planners.
    Again, thanks for your excellent post today!

  3. Anita, you and I have a lot in common. I "always come back to red" also. More accurately, I can never quit red. I have just recently moved into pocket sized planners for my personal planner/wallet, and use my personal-sized planners that hold Franklin Covey compact size inserts for work. I downsized my work planner from the desk size to personal and just have to have the wider writing space as I use both sides.

    I have maaaany personal sized planners that are too narrow for FC compact that I was previously using as my personal planner. I am keeping them; they're gorgeous, sitting on a shelf. I'll keep them until I'm positive I won't use that size any more.

    My next goal is to simplify my personal life to where I could go from pocket to mini. I have a brand new Malden mini in ochre that I keep taking out of its box to admire.

    And Steve (Yates), I feel guilty for owning the Amazona in red- pocket size since you mentioned trying to find one :) I use it sparingly because I want it to keep its gorgeous finish.

    1. Oh don't feel too guilty, Sharon, as I have a red Slimline and Mini already. Not very masculine I know but they seem to lend themselves to all users. The pocket one I fancy would be a black one!

  4. Steve could you at least show your planner set up in an Instagram account since you don't have a blog? I see so few of setups that men use and I'm painfully curious. (nosey)

    1. Yes I get asked about my set up quite often. I might do a video and a blog post about it.

    2. Mails from two Steves here Sharon! I don't use Twitter or Instagram only email. I've left a comment on your blog along with my email address. I'm happy to send you photos of the inserts I use in my Filos and to send you printable inserts in MSWord format, which are easily adaptable and easily printable, if you so wish.

  5. I count 40 Filos in the photo. Or are 20 only a reflection? If that's minimalist, the President-Elect is a feminist. Sorry, I call 'em the way I see 'em. I'll let myself out.

    1. Yes the photo was taken at one of the London meet ups and it was a mirror like wall! That was a collection of organisers from all the people attending.


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